Discussions are still ongoing with TfL about the future of the bus services in Barnes, particularly when Hammersmith Bridge is closed.  Since the summer we have had four meetings with TfL with the support of Zac Goldsmith our MP, the leader of Richmond Council and Barnes councillor, Paul Hodgins, and his team from Richmond Council.
TfL is still set against bringing the 22 to Barnes but as yet has not presented any attractive alternatives so we continue to push, with our MP’s and Richmond Council’s support, for the extension of the 22 while Hammersmith Bridge is closed.
Unfortunately most of the officers we have been dealing with in TfL have retired or left.  This includes Peter Bradley (Head of Consultation),  John Barry (Head of Buses) and Leon Daniels (Managing Director of Surface Transport).  You will remember Leon who spoke to us at the public meeting in Barnes in March.
Over the last few months TfL has told us:

On Hammersmith Bridge:

  • There is still no clear plan on the timing and extent of Hammersmith Bridge closures and we will not know more until the New Year.  We expect work to begin in late 2018

On costings:

  • As a result of emergency measures on Hammersmith Bridge limiting the number of buses (209, 72 and 609) going over the bridge, TfL is saving £1.2m pa.
  • Cancelling the 283 bus service to Wetlands from Hammersmith is saving £456,000 pa.
  • Due to reduced frequencies on the 22 bus service, the cost of extending the 22 to Barnes is now quoted as £810,000 pa.
  • You will recall that the cost of men on the bridge cost £323,200pa.  We believe that the numbers of men have been cut by half since the summe

On services:

  • TfL has been looking at the option of increasing the frequency and changing the route of the 485. It hopes to provide four buses an hour during the daytime on Monday to Saturday, and, two buses an hour on Sundays and in the evenings after 7pm.  To deliver an improved service to the 485, TfL would need to reduce the 209 bus service by two buses an hour on Monday to Saturday daytimes.  The change of route being considered would instead go along  Putney High Street and the South Circular into Wandsworth instead of going along Putney Bridge Road.  This option would be subject to consultation when you can have your say.
  • TfL is looking at changes to bus services in Barnes when Hammersmith Bridge is closed. All bus services would be curtailed at the bridge and people would have to walk to Hammersmith.  TfL is also considering diverting the 209 bus to Putney Bridge tube station.
  • TfL is examining bus services in Barnes after the repairs to Hammersmith Bridge are completed but have yet to share those ideas with us.

2 actions for you to help us:

Please write a letter to the Mayor
Please write a letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as Chair of TfL and ultimately responsible for TfL, requesting the 22 bus service be extended when Hammersmith Bridge is closed for repairs.  Below is a sample letter for you to copy if you are short of time. 

Sadiq Khan does not have an personal email address so we want him to receive a large postbag of letters which he cannot ignore.   We understand that any email to him on transport matters automatically gets sent to a TfL officer which defeats the object of writing to him.

Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

City Hall

The Queens Walk

London SE1 2AA

Dear Mayor,
I am writing to you to ask you, as Chair of TfL, to intervene with TfL.

The residents of Barnes have requested TfL to extend the 22 bus service into Barnes when Hammersmith Bridge is closed for substantial repairs in 2018/19.  When this happens Barnes will be cut off. All buses and traffic will be stopped from crossing the bridge.  An east-west alternative bus route is desperately needed to link us to the tube, over the river, to hospitals, to schools and central London.  This is particularly needed for the disabled, the less mobile and those who are unable to walk over the bridge when it is dark, wet or cold to Hammersmith tube stations. 


The residents have been discussing the extension, of only about 1 mile, with TfL for nearly 2 years  but TfL is set against it, so we would like you to help. Over 3,000 residents have said they would use the extension.  In addition it would provide access from other parts of  London to the WWT Wetland Centre in Barnes which has in excess of 200,000 visitors a year and Olympic Cinema which has 100,000 visitors a year. Those visitors will use the buses at off peak times.  It will facilitate residents who are keen to switch from cars to public transport thereby reducing air pollution and congestion: key objectives of your transport policy. It can be funded by savings and cuts already made to bus services in the Barnes area.

Barnes is unusual. It is an area in outer London with relatively high levels of car ownership begging for a bus service to run when Hammersmith Bridge is closed to traffic which will be for at least a year. A journey out of Barnes on a frequent bus service over the river will be impossible when this happens. There is no tube station in Barnes.

​Surely if every journey matters it matters here.

Please make this  happen.

I would be grateful if you could let me know how you intend to help us.

Please complete this survey

Complete a survey  which the Barnes Conservatives are running to find out what issues residents are concerned about. This is an ideal opportunity to express your concerns about Hammersmith Bridge closure, the lack of bus services and the need for the 22 extension.  Add your comments to question 3 on the following link:


29th June 2016

Exciting Publicity for our Campaign!

15th March 2017

New Tender Information from TfL

1st May 2016

Newsletters, Schools, TFL,... and some poetry! 

We are grateful for the financial support our campaign has received from the BCA - who are supporting our public meeting - and from Hamptons International - who are providing publicity.

Mill Hill/Rocks Lane Junction

The Barnes Bugle 

As Barnes residents will know emergency repairs are required to Hammersmith Bridge this summer.  We do not know in detail the changes required to traffic when this work proceeds but it has resulted now in changes to the bus services over the bridge due to weight restrictions which have come into effect – detailed below.

We will update you once we know the details. 

TFL’s statement on Hammersmith Bridge and changes to bus services.

“In order to preserve the lifespan of Hammersmith Bridge prior to strengthening works, it is necessary to limit the number of buses using the structure.

From Saturday 28 May only one bus will be allowed onto the bridge in each direction at any one time. Therefore it is necessary to make some changes to the bus routes that currently use the structure to ensure that they can be accommodated.

The changes are as follows: 

Route 72 (Roehampton – Hammersmith – East Acton): - The journeys that currently run between Roehampton and Hammersmith, Brook Green, will now only run to and from Castelnau. The journeys that run between Roehampton and East Acton will follow the normal route.

Route 283 (East Acton – Hammersmith – Barnes / London Wetlands Centre) – All journeys to and from Barnes will be curtailed at Hammersmith Lower Bus Station. As a result they will be unable to serve the London Wetlands Centre.

We realise that these arrangements are not ideal. Therefore we will continue to look at how to best maintain a reliable service until the bridge is strengthened. We are currently examining options that will allow us to restore a service to the London Wetlands Centre and we will let you know what these are as soon as we possibly can.

There are no changes to routes 33, 209, 419, 485 and 609. However, these will be affected by the impact of the current restrictions on traffic in the area. Find out how your bus may be affected at tfl.gov.uk/bus/status or follow @TfLBusAlerts on Twitter for the latest bus updates.

An email is also being sent to all users of affected routes who have registered Oyster Card informing them of the changes

We apologise for the short notice of these changes and any inconvenience this will cause”

You might be interested to know that Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London has plans to clean up London’s air pollution. You can share what you think of his plans through an online survey and discussion. This survey is an opportunity to talk about your experience of London’s air quality and to give us your views on what we can do to clean up the city’s air. For more information and to have your say please click here. This consultation will close on Friday 29 July 2016. Your feedback will help shape Sadiq’s policies and will inform more detailed consultations in the autumn.

25th February 2017

Local Businesses Supporting Our Campaign 


Flyer design by Marcus Carrigan: 


TfL have told us that the following bus arrangements will be in place between the 11th and 20th of February 2017, when Hammersmith Bridget will be closed to all traffic.

Statement from TfL
Between 11 and 20 February 2017 Hammersmith Bridge will be closed to all traffic for essential repairs. TfL have told us the following buses arrangements will be in place

Buses on routes 33, 209 and 485 will start and finish at Castelnau and route 419 at Lonsdale Road. Passengers can walk across the bridge to resume their journeys. For the less mobile route 72 will be diverted over Chiswick Bridge. 

Buses finishing at Castelnau will then stand on the north side of Lonsdale Road, east of the Swedish School; using Kilmington Road, Howsman Road and Verdun Road in a one way loop (for buses) to face in the right direction for the return trip. Buses on route 419 will start and finish in Lonsdale Road. Towards Richmond buses will go along Kilmington Road, Howsman Road and then turn left into Verdun Road.

The repairs are an interim measure to keep the bridge in use until the main refurbishment works start in 2018. The current weight restrictions, with only one bus in each direction permitted on the bridge at any one time, will continue. To help reduce the volume of buses using the bridge, approximately every other bus on route 72 will start and finish at Castelnau and stand in Lonsdale Road as now. 

More information about the project, and travel advice, can be found on our website by searching Hammersmith Bridge.


Air Pollution Survey 

28th July 2016

TV Personality and Barnes Resident Peter Snow Supports our Campaign 

The following businesses in Barnes have also expressed their support of our campaign ahead of our public meeting on Saturday 18th March. Thank you all!

A205 Kew Bridge - Strengthening works - 25/07/16 to 25/09/16

Investigations of Kew Bridge have raised safety concerns and works to the bridge are planned. Works commence on Monday 25th July 2016 anticipated to take approximately 8 weeks - finishing on Sunday 25th September.  The works will require one lane closure across the bridge from 1000hrs to 1600hrs and 1900hrs to 0600hrs each day. There will also be one 18 day period whereby there will be one lane closure out continuous for 24hrs a day (9 days northbound followed by 9 days southbound) starting on Monday 15th August.

For the full duration of the works one footpath shall be closed, with pedestrians diverted onto the opposite footpath via nearby crossings. The footpath that is closed shall vary depending upon which side of the bridge the works are being undertaken.

The 22 bus team is delighted to announce that Leon Daniels, the Managing Director of Surface Transport at TfL, has agreed to come to Barnes to answer questions about the work on Hammersmith Bridge, its impact on local bus services and, in particular, why TfL is resisting our request to bring the 22 bus to Barnes. 

This open, public meeting will take place on:

Saturday 18th March at 2.30pm at Kitson Hall.  

Please join us to demonstrate the magnitude of local support for the 22 bus extension (over 3200 residents have said they would use the 22 bus) and the need to improve bus services into and out of Barnes especially during the closure of Hammersmith Bridge in 2018.  Further information about the meeting and updates on the 22 bus campaign can be found on this website, which we will be updating as necessary.

​The survey has shown overwhelming support for the proposal – over 1000 positive responses within 2 weeks! Thank you Barnes Residents. We now know that you want this service and you have given us a mandate to do everything we can to make it happen.

We have found out from the useful comments that people left on the survey that there have been a number of campaigns to extend this bus route over the last 20 years and all of them have been rejected by TFL. A sample of anonymous comments is displayed below. 

To make a compelling and convincing case we first have to prove demand.  To help us achieve this we need YOU to tell people about the survey and if they would use the bus ask them to complete the survey.  This will give us quantifiable evidence we can present to TFL.

In April we intend to reach out to people in Barnes, Putney, Fulham and Parsons Green who are not aware of the campaign using flyers. We are also hoping to meet with TFL and Richmond Council.

10th February 2017

Hammersmith Bridge Closure: Bus Arrangements

Plans are afoot at the Council to improve traffic flow and safety at the Mill Hill/Rocks Lane junction. At present this junction is a traffic hotspot with long delays in all directions and poor pedestrian access.  After many years of discussion about how this junction could be improved, we hope that a solution may be on the way.  Keep an eye out for more information in the area.

27th June 2016

More Bridge Disruptions - this time in Kew 

Look out for an exciting development in the 22 Bus Campaign over the next few weeks - our flyer! 

You should see it in shops, cafés, restaurants, churches, libraries and business and it may even be delivered through your letterbox! We hope you like the flyer – we think it is brilliant – see a copy below this post. The design, by Marcus Carrigan, a Barnes resident, was funded by the BCA, and has been generously printed and delivered to houses by Hamptons International.  Team 22 will also be out and about asking venues and businesses to display the flyer.

Come and meet Team 22 at the Barnes Community Event outside the OSO between 10am and noon  on Saturday 2nd July and at Barnes Fair in the BCA tent all day.

3rd February 2017

Team 22 send views to London Assembly Transport Committee

We were asked by some members of the community to provide an alternative way to complete the survey for those without internet access at home. So we are now pleased to announce that paper copies of the survey are available at Hamptons International at 67 Barnes High Street. Please do let anyone know who might be interested that they can pop into the office to fill out a survey if they'd like to have their views heard. 

New Tender Information about Bus Routes 22 and N22 from TfL shows that although TfL refused to our request to include the  extension to Barnes in the invitation to tender documents it did include  the extension to Oxford Street.

The invitations to tender went out on 10 January 2017. The tenders were submitted by the operators to TfL on 27 February 2017. The contract is due to start on the 21st October 2017

The timescale for a tender to be awarded will vary depending on the number of bids TfL received, as well as any issues that need to the ironed out. For example, if there were bids of the same amount TfL review the options. Usually this process will take between two to three months, but there is no fixed deadline for this.

TFL  sent us details of the bus route 22 tender document but it is  79 pages long  it wouldn’t really fit on our website but we can make it available to anyone who would like it.

Hello again and happy bank holiday weekend! We've been busy here at the 22 bus campaign team headquarters.

Firstly, our campaign has been published in the e-newsletters for Putney and Fulham - and we are getting some great responses from residents of those areas. Our total responses to the survey to date are 1500 - but we still want more!

Secondly, we are getting in touch with all the schools in Barnes and along the 22 bus route to encourage school children and their parents to complete our survey. Based on some of the comments we've had so far, we think that the bus extension could be a real help to people doing the school run everyday, so are keen to quantify this demand. 

Thirdly, we are currently pushing TFL for a meeting to present our case. If anyone has any contacts in the transport world that might help our campaign we would love to hear from you.

Finally, one of our committed supporters has written this limerick about how great an extension to the 22 would be... enjoy!

Let's extend the bus route 22, 

Then watch the benefits accrue, 

Our flexibility will be greater, 

Our women far safer, 

One bus into town - Oh, what a coup! 

29th December 2017

New Year's Update  - we need your help!

Team 22 have found out this week that TfL are finalising plans for bus services during the repairs and future closure of Hammersmith Bridge.
TfL has not consulted Team 22 as promised and it appears that an extension to Barnes of the 22 bus route has been dismissed. 
Team 22 need your help to apply maximum pressure on TfL to show your support the 22 bus service – this could be our last chance.

Please email today, in your own words why you want the 22 bus to come to Barnes and how it would change your lives:
Email:  John Barry, Head of Network Development TfL.

And copy to:  Peter Bradley, Head of Consultation TfL

If you would prefer to write a letter:
Send to: Mike Weston, Director of Buses TfL.
Floor 10,  Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ

Here are some points you may wish to make:

  • A permanent extension of the 22 bus route into Barnes is required as an alternative east-west route into and out of Barnes crossing Putney Bridge, linking to the tube network and Central London. 
  • It is a very short extension (max of 1.5miles). All bus infrastructure is in place.
  • There is proven demand.  Over 3000 residents are asking for this. We do not want to be ignored.
  • With emergency repairs and the future closure of Hammersmith Bridge for structural works we need another bus route out of Barnes into Central London.
  • Barnes has no tube so relies heavily on buses
  • It will encourage people to use public transport which in turn will reduce congestion on the roads and decrease air pollution creating a less polluted environment  – a key objective of the Mayor.



Thanks to the many people who wrote to TfL.  In response to your efforts and the good offices of Cllr Tony Arbour (London Assembly Member for SW London and Richmond Councillor) TfL has agreed to a meeting on Monday 26th September for us to put the case for the permanent extension of the 22 bus route into Barnes Village.
This meeting will be attended by senior TfL personnel.  Cllr Tony Arbour, who will chair the meeting, has invited representatives of the 22 bus campaign team and other interested parties including  the local MP, Zac Goldsmith, Barnes ward councillors and the Assistant Director of Transport at Richmond upon Thames Council. 
This meeting will be a great opportunity to put our case to TfL and to emphasise to them the strength of feeling in the community and that this is an initiative that needs to happen for everyone’s benefit especially when Hammersmith Bridge is closed to traffic.

Prior to that meeting we would like to canvass the widest range of ideas and opinions which are in favour of the campaign.  So if you have any constructive suggestions, questions for TfL or any points you think that we should raise at the meeting please let us know as soon as possible and preferably at the latest by Thursday 15th September.  All contributions will be gratefully received and acknowledged.


Thank you for your continued support for the 22 bus campaign.  We met with TfL for a second time on Thursday 27 October. 
After a very disappointing turnout from TfL at the last meeting, we were pleased that TfL sent a senior member of staff, Leon Daniels , the Managing Director of Surface Transport, to this meeting. 
Unfortunately Mr Daniels told us that TfL would not be extending the 22 bus to Barnes.  His main reason for this decision was that the length of the extension would compromise reliability further up the route.  On this basis, he refused to trial the extension or put it in the tender which is due to be renewed shortly.
We believe that TfL’s arguments for not extending the 22 are weak, especially when faced with our strong case for the need for improvements to east/west services and particularly while Hammersmith Bridge restrictions are impacting on local services.  However it appears that our campaign is coming at a time when TfL is facing significant financial challenges.
We did walk away from the meeting with some positives:

  • Mr Daniels agreed to look again at what could be done to improve east/west bus connections out of Barnes and in particular the option of changing the frequency of the 485. 
  • In what we consider to be a big coup, he also agreed to come to address a public meeting in Barnes to explain why he would not extend the 22 bus and to share his thinking about the future of Hammersmith Bridge and the impact on bus services locally. 

We were also told that Hammersmith Bridge would be closed from summer 2018 for up to 1 year.  Until then the emergency measures restricting the number of buses over the bridge and reductions in bus services would continue. 

We are really disappointed that we can’t report a more positive outcome of the meeting.  However, we are not abandoning our campaign and we are looking at what else we can do.   We will let you have more information about the public meeting as soon as it is available and we hope that you will attend to show the amount of support we have in the community.

As a result of the 22 bus campaign, where we have put forward your views on the need for improved east/west bus connections for Barnes, TfL is proposing to increase the frequency of the 485 bus.

An online consultation has been published this week proposing to increase the frequency of this service to every 15 minutes during the day and to introduce a service every 30 minutes during the evening and on Sundays. The proposed changes to the 485 route include running the route via Putney High Street and the Upper Richmond Road rather than Putney Bridge Roa

Whilst this isn’t the 22 bus extension we have been campaigning for, this proposal may be welcomed by some of our supporters especially since TfL remains resistant to bringing the 22 bus to Barnes.  A more frequent 485 service will provide a better connection to the 22 bus at Putney Common and to Putney High Street seven days per week.

FL has made it clear that they will take the volume and steer of consultation responses into consideration when assessing the proposed changes. We therefore strongly encourage you to respond to the online consultation and to have your say.  Please share the link with your friends and family: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/485-283/consult_view/

Please read the consultation notes before you respond.  There are a few points we want to highlight to you:

  • The changes are planned for late 2018. 
  • To keep the number of buses over Hammersmith Bridge constant, the proposal reduces the frequency of the 209 bus by two buses an hour during the day to enable two extra 485 buses to cross the bridge. This is required due to the weight restrictions currently in operation over the bridge.
  • TfL is proposing that the 283 service, which went to the Wetlands Centre and was suspended in May 2016, will be permanently withdrawn.
  • If this proposal is implemented it weakens the case for the 22 bus extension to Barnes.

The campaign team will not be responding on your behalf as we do not know your views.  However, as individuals we will be making the following comments in the “comments’  box at the end of the consultation:

  1. We welcome the proposed increase in frequency of the 485 during the day and the provision of a valuable evening and Sunday service.  However we feel that the frequency of the bus is insufficient and would urge TfL to consider 5 buses per hour which would provide a more effective east-west communication link.
  2. Given the demand by residents for an east-west link, the emergency measures and the frequent temporary closures to Hammersmith Bridge, and, the need for a more frequent service to Wetlands, we urge TfL to implement the increase in frequency as a priority and before the route change, which can only take place once traffic orders are completed which often can take many months.
  3. This proposal does not address the need for a direct bus which connects Barnes to the hospitals, schools and amenities on the 22 bus route and connects to central London. We continue to urge TFL to extend the 22 bus to Barnes.

Thank you for all your support with our campaign so far.  We know that TfL has only come up with this proposal because of the pressure you have exerted and the great support behind our campaign.  

Please respond to the consultation by 25 March.

Discussions Hammersmith and Fulham Council have sent us the following statement.

" The proposed dates and times for Hammersmith Bridge closures for investigation, inspections and testing are as follows
Day time Weekend bridge Closure including Monday  

  • Saturday 10th  Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm
  • Sunday 11th Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm
  • Monday 12th Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm (provisional

Day time lane Closures (directional flow) – direction to be confirmed later

  • Tuesday 13th Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm
  • Wednesday 14th Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm  
  • Thursday 15th Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm  
  • Friday 16th Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm  

Day & Night time weekend bridge closure –

  • Saturday 17th Feb 2018 From 8am to 6pm on Sunday 18th Feb 2018

Bridge to re-open on Sunday 18th February 2018 at 6pm.

Please note that one footway will remain open at all times and cyclists will have to dismount during the above restrictions.
Also, during the last Stakeholder Engagement Meeting, we were requested to investigate the possibilities of carrying out the works within a shorter duration by utilising full bridge closures instead of lane closures only?

Our contractor has confirmed that, firstly as the works will be done by a number of specialist contractors, they could not resource all of this work within a shorter period. It was also not safe or practical to have all the works happening at once in a shorter period as there were too many different operations occurring simultaneously. Furthermore, if we had to work on two opposite sides(between the chains and towers) of the bridge at once, it would have meant that we needed to close off both footways at the same time.

 Therefore, the option that we’ve chosen, provides the most safe and efficient method of works. 

10th May 2016

We're Stepping Up A Gear! 

Great news! Peter Snow, a local Historian and BBC Presenter, supports our campaign. He says: 

"Yes please. The 22 would change our lives. We are very cut off from Putney, Fulham and Chelsea, and the 22 would change all that. I would greatly appreciate an extension of the 22 route to Barnes."  Peter Snow - Historian, BBC Presenter and Barnes Resident 

24th January 2018

Further Closures of Hammersmith Bridge

Paper Surveys Now Available! 

After a busy week for London electing a new mayor, Team 22 have some more updates!

Transport for London (TFL) have agreed to meet us - date yet to be fixed. This is a great opportunity to present our case to the decision-makers, and we are really excited. Once again, we need as many survey responses as possible before the meeting, so remember to ask friends and family to fill theirs in! 

Furthermore, Hamptons International (Barnes Office) have offered to sponsor the printing and postage of flyers to be distributed around Barnes. We are busy designing them at the moment - and are delighted that a local business is supporting our campaign in this way. The flyers will help us reach even more people, especially those who don't have access to the internet. Thank you Hamptons International! 

We want this campaign to be as transparent as possible. We value your support, and so we promise to keep you updated here with any news regarding our progress. 

If you want the 22 bus to come to Barnes you need to fill in TfL's consultation survey by Sunday 29th January 2017
It has been brought to our attention that TfL is consulting the public on a route extension to the 22/N22 bus route at the Piccadilly end of the route.
We are really disappointed as TfL has always told us that one of the main reasons for not extending the 22 bus into Barnes is that the 22 is already a long route and they can’t lengthen it any further without causing delays.  They are clearly telling us one thing whilst doing another.  If you feel disappointed by TfL’s lack of transparency or if you have your own views on TfL’s proposal, please complete their consultation survey to let them know your thoughts.  
The survey will only take a few minutes to complete - but has to be submitted by this Sunday 29th January.

The consultation is available at:

As an aid to completing it as speedily as possible this is how we are filling it in:

  • Scroll to "Have Your Say" and click on "On-line Survey"
  • Q1: Answer if you use the 22/N22 bus or leave blank
  • Scroll to Q10: Tick oppose
  • Scroll to Q18: Leave your own comments - we are saying “ We want the 22 bus route to be extended to Barnes.”

It is important to complete the survey as TfL publish their consultation exercises and if there are enough objections from you they will have to note and record it and then they cannot ignore us.
We very much appreciate your support.

Emma Robinson, Barnes Town Centre Manager and member of Team 22, has sent the below email to Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport at TfL, in advance of him joining our public meeting on March 18th. Please do read it to get a sense of the context around our campaign, and the issues which we'd like to address in the meeting.

Dear Leon,
Hope you are well.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Barnes on 18 March.  I will be in touch shortly about our plans for the event.
At our last meeting in October 2016 you agreed to answer a number of questions we had sent to you the previous month.  I wanted to let you know that we haven’t yet received the answer to these questions.
I appreciate that you are very busy, and there were quite a few questions, so I have cut them down.  We really need this information to inform the meeting on 18 March and I would be very grateful for an answer as soon as possible.
Costings and subsidy - 
TfL has quoted a range of costs to residents to extend the 22 bus to Barnes from £500,000, to £750,000 to £1m. At our meeting in October your colleague Bob Blitz explained that whatever route was chosen to extend the bus into Barnes the costs would remain the same, that the current frequency of the 22 had been used in the calculation and that the number of bus trips were calculated after examining the current usage of the 209 and the 485 buses. Although every bus route in London is subsidised, no subsidy had been part of the calculation.  

  • What is your final estimate, with a detailed breakdown, of the cost of extending the 22 bus into Barnes?
  •  We assume that you have not included any subsidy in these costs – is this correct?
  • We have been told that TfL usually work on a 40% cost recovery model. Therefore the cost of the extension would be reduced by 60%.  Do you agree and, if not, why not.
  •  What is the range of (maximum and minimum) and the average level of subsidy on all London bus routes?
  •  What has been the monthly gross savings, before subsidy, from curtailment of the 283 bus from Hammersmith to Barnes?

Number of trips -

  •  How many bus trips did you estimate would be generated by the extension, how was this calculated and what additional revenue would this generate? How many of these trips were from/to the Wetlands Centre.   How many of these bus trips were new trips reflecting passengers shifting from cars/taxis and new demand due to improved connectivity?  Did you take into consideration the survey information which we sent you, and if so how?

Other issues –
Did you calculate the benefits of extending the 22 route such as reduction in air pollution, decrease in congestion, ease of travel for less mobile people, benefits to Barnes businesses, and, increasing the safety especially to women walking across the common at night.  If so, how and what costs have you used?
You said that you would not trial this extension even when the closure of Hammersmith Bridge would provide ideal circumstances for this.  What conditions/criteria would need to be met for any trial extension? 
You said you would not add the extension into the invitation to tender for the new contract for the N22/22 bus route. Could you please send us a copy of the invitation to tender?
What is the monthly gross cost of staffing Hammersmith Bridge on both sides to monitor bus movements over the bridge to ensure the one-bus rule is enforced. What do this cost include? 
Have you estimated the weekly cost of lost productivity and damage to the London economy by delays encountered by commuters now while Hammersmith Bridge is under emergency measure and when it is closed to all traffic next year?
Can you send us the business cases for recent London route extensions, such as the E8 and 42 routes?
Route options –
Bob Blitz stated at the October meeting that any extension route into Barnes would have the same cost.  The route that he had considered was from the Spencer pub, along Lower Richmond Road, Rocks Lane, Church Road to Barnes Pond and then back in reverse.  Could you please confirm that the same cost would apply to the following 3 routes and that if the frequency was halved then the costs would halve?

  •  Route continues past the Spencer pub along Lower Richmond Road, Mill Hill, Station Road, Church Road, and into Queen Elizabeth Walk into the terminus at Wetlands – returning along the same route in reverse.
  • Route continues past the Spencer pub along the Lower Richmond Road, Rocks Lane and Queen Elizabeth Walk and into the Wetlands terminus– returning along the same route in reverse.
  •  Continuing to use the Spencer pub terminus buses start their London run from the Spencer pub and journey via Barnes around the Barnes loop (ie Lower Richmond Road, Rocks Lane Church Road, Station Road, Mill Hill and back onto the Lower Richmond Road). Buses from Piccadilly run via the Barnes loop before terminating at the Spencer pub.

Many thanks.  I’ll be in touch again soon.

1st June 2016

News About Hammersmith Bridge Repairs adds strength to our campagin

15th March 2017

TfL answers our questions we sent them in September

6th August 2016

We need your help urgently

22nd January 2017

Public Meeting to be held with TfL in Barnes

25th January 2017

We need your help: Please respond to TfL's consultation survey

We've had great publicity from the Barnes Bugle - Barnes' free online newsletter! The latest issue can be found hereand the sign-up page is here for those who are interested. 

11th September 2016

We want your suggestions and questions! 

In September we sent TfL a number of questions regarding the possible extension of the 22 bus to Barnes.

They have recently responded to all of our questions. You can read the full correspondence here, but below are the key headlines:

  • TfL estimates the cost of the extension to be £940,000pa. Revenue estimated at £200,700pa from 1120 passengers a day.  But every bus route in London is subsided
  • Only actual costs are calculated. No other benefits to the environment, businesses or the community are included.
  • Cost saving of cutting the 283 bus route to Barnes = £456,000pa
  • Cost of ‘men monitoring buses on the bridge’ = £343,200pa
  • TfL are looking at options for a higher frequency link than route 485 between Barnes and Putney

Team 22 have met with Peter Bradley, TFL Head of Consultations, to present our case for an extension of the 22 bus route to Barnes Village. TFL are resisting our proposal quoting that it is too expensive and are concerned about the possible to delays to the existing service. However they acknowledge that an East-West bus service out of and into Barnes is needed. They have agreed to consider our proposals further and have agreed to meet us again this summer along with our MP Zac Goldsmith, who supports our campaign. TFL say our request cannot be dealt with in isolation from discussions about the works to Hammersmith Bridge, which are complex. We intent to put a case to them of proven demand using the data from the survey at this meeting. So please complete the survey if you, or someone in your family,  are going to use the bus. 

17th July 2016

Survey Responses Soar 

21st February 2018

We need you to respond to TfL’s consultation on changes to the 485 bus service.of Hammersmith Bridge

30th September 2016

TFL Meeting Update

On 26th September the 22 bus team met with TfL.   Unfortunately we have very little news to report back to you.  It was a very disappointing meeting and we learnt nothing new about the reasons for TfL’s resistance to the extension of the 22 bus.  

Although we had an impressive line-up of key players supporting our case, including Zac Goldsmith, our local MP, had given TfL our arguments in advance, and were well-prepared with our evidence, TFL came to the meeting without anything new to bring to the table.  They were unable to justify their arguments to date that the extension isn’t financially viable.   They were unable to explain their mounting costings - this time they quoted the cost of the extension as being £1million but were unable to tell us how they had worked out this figure or indeed why this figure was rising rapidly from £500,000 in May.

TFL was also unable to give us any information about the repairs and likely closure of Hammersmith Bridge and said that any decisions about the bridge were for Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

The only positive of the meeting was that they said that hadn’t ruled out the 22 bus extension.  Zac Goldsmith pushed them to agree to another meeting in a month at which point they said that they would have more information and would be able to respond to our arguments.

After the meeting, Peter Bradley, TFL’s Head of Consultation announced that he would be leaving TFL the week beginning 3 October and that succession arrangements weren’t clear.

Team 22 will push for a date for this next meeting and will keep you posted.


25th February 2017

Email to Leon Daniels at TfL in advance of our Public Meeting  

The London Assembly Transport Committee recently issued a call for evidence - you can read Team 22's response below:

The London Assembly Transport Committee

You have invited views on how TfL plans the bus network.

We are a community group (Team 22) representing over 3000 people in SW London who need the 22 bus route to be permanently extended about one mile to Barnes Village. This proposal is supported by the local MP, ward councilors and the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.   Hammersmith Bridge is currently under emergency measures causing public transport disruption and will be closed to traffic for structural repairs for about a year in 2018.  The proposed extension:

  • will provide a link over Putney Bridge into central London where none currently exists
  • will provide an essential alternative bus route into and out of Barnes during Hammersmith Bridge disruption and especially for passengers with reduced mobility
  • will help decrease air pollution (especially in Putney which has one of the highest levels of pollution in London) by encourage people to use public transport switching from their cars
  • will provide a valuable bus link for school children, employees and visitors coming into Barnes.  Barnes has 3 secondary schools with over 1500 pupils and The Wetlands Centre which has over 200,000 visitors a year.

For the last 20 years Barnes residents have requested individually and have petitioned TfL to extend this route. Team 22 asked TfL for this extension in February 2016 and TfL has repeatedly refused on grounds of cost and length of existing route being already too long.

Our general comments

Our experience of TfL is that it lacks transparency and financial accountability.
This conclusion is reached by:

  • TfL has refused to consult on a bus extension or to trial an extension to determine demand.
  • TfL has refused to include the proposed route extension in the tender document (November 2016) for a new contact for the 22 bus route due to be granted in February 2017.  We understand this  would have been the best time to determine the true cost of an extension. TfL has quoted us costs varying between £500,000 to £1m (we believe excluding subsidies).
  • TfL has not given us a breakdown of the cost of an extension to the 22 bus.
  • Although TfL has persistently stated that the 22 bus route is already long and so cannot be lengthened, in December it consulted the public on extending the route at the Piccadilly end. As you have stated in your call for evidence document:  “worsening congestion in central London has been blamed for increasing unreliability of the bus network……and is one reason for more people choosing other modes of transport……”. We are requesting an extension of a bus route in outer, uncongested London, with a proven demand for bus transport and where a switch from cars to buses is highly likely.
  • TfL has since May 2016 been employing between 4-6 people a day to monitor buses crossing Hammersmith Bridge.  In May 2016 TfL cancelled, without notice, the 283 bus route to the Wetlands Centre as well as curtailing other bus services in Barnes.  This money could be redirected to provide an extension to the 22 bus route into Barnes.

Our comments on your Q8

From our discussions with TfL it appears that it only acknowledges existing demand. TfL does not accept that 3200 residents have said they would use the 22 bus extension. TfL does not acknowledge that The Wetland Centre aims to increase their visitor numbers.  TfL does not accept that an extension would stimulate new demand. It is disappointing that TfL will not listen to a proposal for increasing bus passengers numbers when, as you state in your call for evidence, “that the number of passenger journeys has started to fall …..(affecting) revenue.” route.

6th November 2016

Update on the 22 Bus Campaign 

Over the last three weeks Zac Goldsmith, our MP, has given his support to our campaign, the flyers have been distributed and displayed, and Team 22 have been out and about at the Barnes Community Event & Barnes Fair - a busy few weeks! You can see some photos below. 

All this hard work has resulted in a huge increase in responses to our survey. The total number of responses is now 2800. We are also pleased to have support from Councillor Christine Percival, Councillor Paul Avon, and Councillor Paul Hodgins - some of our ward councillors - and also Councillor Tony Arbour - a Richmond Councillor and GLA member. 

 31st March 2016

Survey responses accelerate our campaign