Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our campaign

Q: What route will the proposed extension follow?

A: We do not have a proposed route for this extension, as this would need to be discussed further with TFL. At the moment we are only campaigning for the principle of having the route extended to Barnes Village.

Q: How often will the proposed route run? 

A: We would hope that the extension would run with the same frequency as the current 22 bus service. 

Q: How can I get involved in the campaign? 

A: If you'd like to be involved please email us on the Contact page of this site, letting us know what you can offer. 

Q: Why are you asking all these questions in the survey rather than just a straight petition? 

A: We are trying to quantify the level of demand for this extension to TFL. This requires more then just support, but clear data about the frequency of use. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out as many of the questions as possible. 

Q: Hasn't this been requested before and turned down by TFL?

A: Yes - so far we have heard of other attempts to get this route extended - the first having taken place 17 years ago. We think this proves that there is a real appetite for this extension in the area, but TFL have always rejected any request. However, we will do everything we can to make them change their minds. 

Frequently Asked Questions