However we need to convince Transport for London (TFL) that there is a demand.  If you would use this extension it would be helpful if you would complete our survey.  This will help us gauge the level of demand for this service.  If members of your family and your colleagues would use it too please ask them to fill in a separate survey.

We also need to spread the word so if you could share this website and our survey with as many people as you can who might use the bus extension, including people on the route such as those in Putney, Fulham, Parsons Green and Chelsea, that would be really helpful.

As part of the Big Barnes Ponder initiative and in conjunction with Emma Robinson, the Barnes Town Centre Manager, we are a team of local residents working on a proposal to extend the 22 bus into Barnes Village. Poor bus links were raised as a common concern at the Big Barnes Ponder.

The 22 bus currently runs a frequent service from Piccadilly - through Knightsbridge, Sloane Square, Kings Road, Parsons Green and Fulham - to The Spencer pub, Putney on the Lower Richmond Road - the map on the right shows the current route as displayed on TFL's website.

About Us

Our proposal is to extend the 22 bus route into Barnes Village so local residents, workers and visitors require only one bus to travel into Central London over Putney Bridge and non-residents can come into Barnes Village from Putney, Fulham and Central London on one regular bus route.

In addition it will be an invaluable and essential public transport link when Hammersmith Bridge is being repaired. We need an alternative East-West route into and out of Barnes, crossing Putney Bridge and linking to the tube. It is a convenient, time efficient, cost saving, environmentally friendly proposal to encourage bus usage in our congested area.

We believe this will be: